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Geoscience & Engineering

Talent Solutions

Embark on a journey of excellence with Aries One, your trusted partner in navigating the intricate, ever-evolving landscape of the energy sector. We redefine talent solutions services, delivering unparalleled expertise to our esteemed clients.

Diverse team of Oil and Gas, Petroleum Geoscientists and Engineers in a conference room

"Visualization, Scoping"

Our team of seasoned experts at Aries One brings a wealth of industry experience and an extensive network to the table, ensuring robust talent services that exceed expectations. With precision and dedication, we recruit top-tier Geoscientists and Engineers primed to drive immediate, impactful results for your major capital projects.

"Concept Selection"

Whether your project unfolds in domestic or international realms, traverses onshore or deepwater terrain, embarks on exploration or development endeavors, or progresses through any stage of the project value chain, Aries One remains steadfast as your ally.

Diverse Oil and Gas, Reservoir and Drilling Engineering Professionals looking at a laptop
Young Caucasian Male Operations Geologist wearing safety gear in front of a computer

"Design & Execute"

At Aries One, we understand the critical importance of sourcing top-tier talent for your projects. That's why we stand firm as your trusted partner, committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

Positions We Recruit For:

Join forces with Aries One and unlock the potential of your energy initiatives. 


  • Geologist

  • Petrophysicist

  • Pore Pressure Specialist

  • Geomechanics Specialist

  • Reservoir Engineer

  • Operations Geologist


  • Drilling Engineer

  • Completion Engineer

  • Well Engineer

  • Subsea Engineer

  • Production Engineer

  • Facilities Engineer

  • Operations Engineer

  • Workover & Interventions Engineer

Young attractive Asian female Oil and Gas, Deepwater Drilling Engineer wearing safety gear
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