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In the dynamic landscape of the energy sector, procurement plays a pivotal role in project success. Aries One recognizes this significance and leverages years of procurement expertise alongside specialized partnerships, robust teams, and global resources. Our meticulous approach ensures seamless procurement processes, from sourcing to delivery, mitigating risks and optimizing project outcomes. With a keen focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we tailor solutions to meet our esteemed clients' unique project requirements. Whether it's sourcing critical equipment, managing supply chains, or negotiating contracts, Aries One is your trusted partner in driving project success. Rely on Aries One's proven track record and global reach to elevate your procurement strategies and achieve unparalleled results in the energy sector.


  • Contractor Identification Analysis

  • RFQ and RFP Generation

  • Tender Package Generation & Evaluation



  • Contract Negotiations

  • Master Service Agreements

  • Commercial Agreements

  • Consulting Service Agreements

  • Purchase Order and Service Order Generation


"Services, Materials, Logistics"

  • Contractor Audits

  • Material Management Plan Generation

  • Logistics Plan

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