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Supply Chain

Talent Solutions

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"Procurement & Contracting"

Unlocking the potential of your supply chain starts with securing top-tier talent, and at Aries One, we specialize in delivering unparalleled recruitment solutions tailored to the energy sector. With our headquarters nestled in the heart of Houston, TX, our seasoned experts leverage a wealth of upstream industry experience and a robust network to identify and engage the best-in-class talent for your organization.

"Manufacturing & QA/QC"

Our recruitment approach is anchored in precision and efficiency, ensuring that we source candidates who not only possess the requisite skills and expertise but also embody the cultural fit and values essential for seamless integration into your team. At Aries One, we understand the critical role that procurement, contracting, manufacturing, QA/QC, logistics, and inventory management play in driving operational excellence and maximizing efficiency across the upstream supply chain.

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"Logistics & Inventory Management"

Leveraging on our extensive industry experience, robust professional network, and comprehensive vetting processes, we meticulously identify and engage top talent across the spectrum of supply chain disciplines. Whether it is for procurement, contracting, optimizing manufacturing processes, ensuring quality assurance, or streamlining logistics and inventory management, we stand ready to connect you with the best and brightest professionals who will elevate your supply chain operations to new heights.

Positions We Recruit For

Partner with Aries One, and let us help you build a dynamic, agile, and resilient supply chain workforce that propels your organization forward in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of talent acquisition, empowering your business to thrive in the face of change and uncertainty.

  • Strategic Sourcing Manager

  • Strategic Sourcing Specialist

  • Procurement Manager

  • Procurement Specialist

  • Contracts Manager

  • Contracts Specialist

  • QA/QC Manager

  • QA/QC Specialist

  • Logistics Manager

  • Logistics Specialist

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Inventory Manager

  • Inventory Specialist

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