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technical advisory » narrow-scope

No matter the scale or location of your well project, be it onshore, deepwater, or within the shelf, Aries One comprehends the inherent risks and complexities of each operational environment. We recognize the pivotal role that project economics play in the success of our clients' endeavors. Leveraging our profound expertise in well engineering across all stages of the value chain and well delivery process, we are poised to deliver tangible outcomes. Our approach is grounded in proven solutions and unwavering commitment to process safety and operational integrity, ensuring that our clients achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Technical Advisory » Narrow-Scope Solutions

Aries One's Wells Technical Advisory provides a diverse array of customizable solutions to address the unique project requirements of our clients. Our adaptable model enables clients to select from a spectrum of options, ranging from individual to multiple narrow-scope solutions, ensuring a precise fit for their project demands.

  • Offset Well Analysis

  • Well Location Selection

  • Hazards Identification

  • Operational Risk Assessment

  • Project Risk Assessment

  • Cost Estimates

  • Decision Tree Analysis

  • Field Wide Development Cost Estimates

  • Manpower Cost Estimates

  • CAPEX, OPEX Forecast

  • Basis of Design Document

  • Scope of Requirements Document

  • Casing Design (drilling, production, injection, WCD)

  • Design: Trajectory, Mud, Cement, Drilling String, BHAs

  • Long Lead Items Identification

  • Equipment, Materials Selection

  • Supply Chain Interphase: scope of work definition, bid evaluations

  • Regulatory Interphase: permits, emergency response plans, safety plans, monitoring, compliance

  • Drilling Program

  • Completions Program

  • P&A Program

  • Rig Selection, Audit, Acceptance

  • Rig Load-out List

  • End of Well: reporting, cost reconciliation

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