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Technical Advisory


Aries One's Technical Advisory Solutions are customized to address specific medium-sized projects, tailored to the unique requirements of each situation. These solutions are particularly valuable during oil and gas acquisitions, where comprehensive due diligence is essential for successful transactions. Similarly, they are well-suited for complex scenarios requiring expert witness testimony or independent third-party reviews. Regardless of the nature of the project, our suite of flexible solutions and expert team stands ready to support you every step of the way, navigating the complexities and ensuring your success.

  • How does Aries One's Technical Advisory solutions work?
    Our Technical Advisory solutions cater to our clients' specific and one-off project requirements. Typically, these solutions operate on a fixed-cost basis and are task-oriented, with well-defined scopes and deliverables. Some brief examples include: Explore Narrow-Scope and Broad-Scope Technical Advisory solutions for a comprehensive list of services tailored to address your unique project needs.
  • What type of clients does Aries One support through its Project Management services?
    Aries One's Project Management solutions are suited to a range of clients including E&P companies, Private Equity start-ups, Companies without an Operations Team, Private Equity Restructuring & Bankruptcy, and Government Agencies. • E&P Companies: Project Management solutions provides E&P companies with the flexibility to increase their manpower at the toggle of a switch to tackle larger scope projects that their busy in-house resources cannot attend to within their organization’s timeline. E&Ps can leverage on Aries One expert team to deliver their project within their planned timeline and budget, while keeping overhead the same. • Private Equity Start-ups & Companies without an Operations Team: Project Management solutions allows PE start-ups to begin projects without having to hire an Operations Team, as well as gradually follow a transition schedule. Once the transition has taken place, the PE start-up has the option to continue to outsource functions to fit their organizational needs. • Private Equity Restructuring & Bankruptcy: Aries One Project Management solutions can strategically step in to fill technical management and advisory functions and provide stable continuity during the transition and restructure stages. We can provide a complete risked out asset value assessment, along with recommendations on which assets to preserve or divest. • Government Agencies: Aries One Project Management solutions can support government agencies on a variety of projects including complete asset evaluation to Plug and Abandonment and remediation while adhering to all applicable regulations and standards. Check out our Project Management site for a more exhaustive view of how Aries One can assist our clients in meeting their project needs.
  • What positions does Aries One recruit for?
    Aries One recruits across various roles within the energy sector, spanning disciplines such as Geosciences, Engineering, Onsite Supervision, Supply Chain, Regulatory, Finance, and Information Technology. Navigate our Talent Solutions to discover how Aries One can serve as your reliable ally in procuring high-caliber talent for your organization.
  • What are the differences between Contingency and Retained recruitment?
    Contingency Recruitment: consists of the engagement of, typically, multiple recruiting firms for the search and hiring of a single candidate. The pay structure is based on a successful placement, where the recruiting firm only gets paid if their candidate is successfully hired on. Retained Recruitment: Retained recruiters are engaged exclusively for a specific search assignment. They are paid a portion of the fee upfront, another portion upon reaching specific milestones, and the remainder upon completion of the search, regardless of the number of candidates presented.
  • What type of recruitment does Aries One help its clients with?
    Aries One provides a Hybrid Retained Recruitment approach that incorporates the best elements of contingency and retained search models, thus offering a flexible, cost-effective solution to its clients.
  • How does Hybrid Retained Recruitment work?
    Aries One provides tailored, Hybrid Retained Recruitment solutions, which is a variation of the traditional retained recruitment model that incorporates elements of both retained and contingency recruitment approaches. In hybrid retained recruitment, the client engages Aries One on a partially retained basis, typically paying a portion of the fee upfront and the remainder upon completion of agreed milestones, and upon successful placement. Hybrid retained recruitment allows the client to leverage on Aries One deep industry knowledge and extensive professional network, while keeping their internal resources focus on pressing day to day operations and enjoying of a performance-based fee structure. Overall, hybrid retained recruitment offers clients a middle-ground solution that combines the best aspects of both retained and contingency recruitment models, providing flexibility, customization, and risk mitigation in the search for top talent. Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out how Aries One can assist you in reaching your organizational goals.
  • What does Aries One's recruitment process look like?
    Navigating the labyrinth of recruitment in the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry demands precision, technical insight, and efficiency. At Aries One, we understand the critical importance of securing top-tier talent to drive organizational success. With a wealth of industry experience and a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, we stand poised to deliver personalized solutions that meet and exceed expectations. From job description to onboarding, Aries One's streamlined recruitment methodology is underpinned by a commitment to excellence, transparency, and client-centricity: Contact us to explore in more detail how Aries One can help you elevate your organization and performance.
  • What type of Resource Placement can Aries One provide to its clients?
    Aries One offers a variety of resource placement options within our clients' organizations, including Contingent Worker (e.g., contractor, consultant), Contract-to-Hire, and Full-Time Employee arrangements.
  • What are Contingent Workers?
    A contingent worker is an individual engaged by an organization without being hired as an employee. They typically provide services under a contract, temporarily, working either full-time or on an as-needed basis. Unlike employees, contingent workers are often brought on board to fulfill specific projects or tasks with a defined scope and duration. Examples of contingent workers are: Independent Contractors and Consultants.
  • Does Aries One provide Contingent Worker Solutions?
    Absolutely, Aries One is equipped with all the necessary back-office resources and contractual frameworks to streamline the engagement of Contingent Workers for our clients.
  • Does Aries One draw from its pool of trusted Advisors to fulfill clients’ staffing needs?
    Certainly, depending on availability, our roster of trusted Advisors is our primary resource for promptly meeting our clients' staffing requirements. Our Advisors bring expertise not only in Technical Advisory and Project Management roles but also serve as reliable Contingent Workers integrated within our clients' organizations.
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