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Project Management


In the realm of energy projects, project management serves as the cornerstone for success, encompassing strategic planning, coordination, and oversight. From defining project objectives to selecting the most suitable equipment and technology, determining optimal locations, and ensuring adherence to regulations, project managers play a pivotal role. Their responsibilities extend to team management, progress monitoring, risk identification, and timely corrective actions. Moreover, they oversee budgeting, scheduling, and procurement activities, ensuring efficient operations within budget constraints. Effective project management is imperative for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective execution of projects, while upholding the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.

Drilling, Completions & Workover

With a proven track record spanning the globe, Aries One excels in major capital projects across diverse environments, from exploration to development phases in onshore, shelf, and deepwater settings. Our seasoned team boasts multidisciplinary expertise, adeptly navigating various basins, regulatory landscapes, and operational challenges. Ready to tackle projects of any scale, from singular well endeavors to multi-well campaigns, we offer tailored solutions to meet our clients' unique needs with precision and efficiency. Trust Aries One to deliver excellence in every aspect of your project, backed by our wealth of experience and firm commitment to success. Scope, Select, Design and Plan: • Understanding of subsurface information parameters • Offset well analysis, concept evaluation and selection • Detailed engineering design and planning • Scoping through detailed AFE cost estimates, and risk assessments • Services, equipment and materials selection, tendering and contracting • QA/QC and logistics • Regulatory analysis, workflow, permitting, and compliance assurance Operations: • Operational readiness meetings • On-site supervision, and subsurface/engineering operations support • Daily operations, cost and QHSE reporting • Oversight and execution of process safety, and operational integrity measures • Lessons learned and After-Action Reviews • Contractor management • Well delivery

Plug & Abandonment

At Aries One, we recognize the significance of environmental, safety, and financial considerations in scenarios such as a dry hole from drilling, the end of a well's productive life, inadequate abandonment, or orphaned wells. Drawing on our wealth of experience and expertise in well integrity management, alongside industry best practices and proven processes, we deliver dependable and cost-effective P&A solutions. Our approach ensures not only compliance with regulatory standards but also mitigates risks while optimizing financial resources. • Primary and secondary well barrier analysis • Well barrier diagrams • Detailed regulatory and industry practices and standards analysis • Detailed basis of design and program • Risk Assessment • Contingency preparation and readiness • Services, equipment, and materials selection, tendering and contracting • On-site Supervision, operations engineering support • Regulatory close-out

Energy Transition & Renewables

Aries One boasts extensive experience in navigating challenging well construction environments and stringent regulatory regimes. From deep HPHT conditions to sour environments and abrasive geology, we understand the complexities involved. Our expertise encompasses meticulous design, material and equipment selection, and comprehensive planning and permitting processes, all of which are crucial for ensuring project success. • Geothermal wells • Carbon Storage wells • Salt Water Disposal wells • Hazardous Waste wells

Contractor Management

Contractor management is pivotal in maintaining fruitful relationships with third-party suppliers, contractors, and service providers who play a crucial role in organizational operations. This comprehensive process encompasses various activities, including supplier identification, tendering, contract negotiations, and ongoing communication with contractors. Aries One's expert team brings extensive experience in master service agreement and commercial agreement negotiations, bolstered by a deep understanding of contractor risk profiles. With a vast contractor network at our disposal, we ensure that contractors adhere to the organization's QHSE standards, meet project timelines, and operate within budgetary constraints. Additionally, we provide expert advice and collaborate closely with the client's counsel to minimize risks associated with contractor non-compliance.

IT & Software Integration, Migration and Implementation

Software Integration, Migration, and Implementation encompass the seamless installation, transformation, and deployment of software applications vital for managing our clients' critical data. These applications may span engineering, management, accounting, and analytics domains. The implementation process progresses through stages such as due diligence and assessment, software selection, configuration, testing, and training. Our objective is to customize the software to align with the organization's unique requirements, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and delivering impactful outcomes. Our expertise extends to: • Automation of work processes and workflows • Integration of data and migration to cloud platforms • Evaluation and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies • Strategic decision-making based on data for optimizing capital expenditure • Azure platform engineering • Full-stack development • Machine learning applications • Customized application development

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