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In the energy sector, regulatory compliance is paramount for conducting projects responsibly, ensuring the safety of the environment, lives, and communities. Aries One recognizes the critical importance of adherence to regulations and standards, offering expert guidance to navigate complex compliance requirements efficiently. With our in-depth understanding of regulatory landscapes and extensive experience, we assist clients in achieving timely permitting and compliance approvals. By leveraging our expertise and strategic approach, we help mitigate risks, safeguard reputations, and foster sustainable operations. Trust Aries One to be your key ally in achieving regulatory compliance, enabling you to focus on project execution while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and operational integrity. Let us support your journey toward responsible and compliant energy project management.

Technical Advisory Narrow-Scope Solutions

"Risk Management"

  • Hazard Identification

  • Occupational Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Risk Assessment                              

"Emergency Response"

  • Safety & Environment Management System

  • Adverse Weather Emergency Response Plan

  • Medical Evacuation Emergency Response Plan


  • Exploration Plan

  • Development Permit

  • Appraisal Permit

  • Drilling Permit

  • Plug & Abandonment Permit    

"Compliance Plans"

  • Oil Spill Emergency Response Plan

  • Source Control Contingency

  • H2S Contingency Plan

  • Waste Management Plan         

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