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Elevate your project standards with Aries One's precision Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) services, meticulously tailored for the dynamic needs of the energy sector. Our comprehensive approach spans onshore and offshore projects, encompassing upstream and downstream operations. By meticulously adhering to the industry's highest quality standards, we effectively mitigate risks and optimize operational efficiency. 

Explore our technical advisory narrow-scope solutions

Aries One's Wells Technical Advisory provides a diverse array of customizable solutions to address the unique project requirements of our clients. Our adaptable model enables clients to select from a spectrum of options, ranging from individual to multiple narrow-scope solutions, ensuring a precise fit for their project demands.


"Quality Plans"

  • Quality Plans for Major Services

  • Quality Plans for Long Leads

  • Third Party Inspections



  • Contractor Site Inspection

  • Contractor Audit

  • Root Cause Analysis Investigation

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  • NDE Inspections

  • Risk-Based Inspections (RBI)

  • Fitness for Service (FSS) Analysis 

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